Food Delivery Platform

Start your own food delivery platform

Our core solution is highly extensible and scalable. And as always, it can be customised for your operational specifics and branding. The solution consists of 4 major components.

  1. The consumer mobile app allows buyers to order, make payment and track delivery progress.
  2. The driver mobile app lets drivers accept order, report location and view their own commissions.
  3. The restaurant web app is a portal for restaurant operators to manage menu, prices, promotions, drivers, track and update orders, update delivery statuses and track payments, etc.
  4. Finally, platform owner can access the web portal for other administrative tasks such as managing restaurants, user accounts, commission rates, and more.

Web & Mobile

We use React Native for mobile app development. Thus, this reduces development time while keeping high quality. On the other hand, the web app is developed with ReactJS, and the backend web service API uses Python’s Django.

Please see our API documentation for consumer app here.

Play store or contact us for a TestFlight account.

Let Us Jumpstart Your Platform

With this vanilla core solution, you can quickly jumpstart your own food delivery platform ?


Vietnam mobile app developer - food delivery
Vietnam mobile app developer - food delivery
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