Koinonia – Empowering Church services with on-demand information accessing

Mission critical information on your hand – at all times.

Koinonia allows church operations to be carried out smoothly by enabling staff access to the information they needed.

  • Group Activities
  • Hospital Visit cases
  • Updating personal staff information without the need for upper management.

Facilitate Member Group Activities with ease

With Koinonia, Church staffs are able to view information of Membership groups and keep track of various details such as:

  • Group Identity and Activity
  • Meeting time & location(s)
  • Participating Members & positions.

Improve Health visit services.

Staffs will no longer required to inquire in-office for Hospital visit details when they have Koinonia.

  • Knowing a Member’s condition before a visit to provide a better experience.
  • Get contact info for Members’ relatives for health update.
  • Check for Members’ visiting location when needed.

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Let us Help you Improve your Church services.


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